When will Apple release the 14″ MacBook Pro?


Apple unveiled the 16” MacBook Pro this month. It has been a longtime coming, the product has been under speculation for a very long time. The most important aspect of the machine is the new much improved keyboard. It’s basically the old scissor switch keyboard mechanism coupled with improved buttons.

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All eyes are now on the 13” MacBook Pro and rumours have gone as far as to say that the 13” MacBook Pro will also be replaced with a 14” MacBook Pro similar to the move made by Apple with the 15” MBP to 16” MBP.

14” MacBook Pro will definitely be a bit larger but professionals will definitely enjoy the extra screen real estate. We don’t expect to see a major change in the screen quality except maybe for a change in the resolution.

If Apple follows the 16” MacBook Pro’s path, we could expect a larger battery in the 14” MacBook Pro which could work for 10 plus hours without requiring a recharge. Also, the speakers will definitely be upgraded as Apple has introduced new speakers on the 16” MacBook Pro which reviewers have called “the best speakers on a laptop”.

Of course, the biggest change on the 14” MacBook Pro would be the new scissor switch keyboard. The 13” MacBook Pro is the laptop that a lot of people buy and have bought in the past compared to the 15” MacBook Pro, so the new keyboard on the 13” MacBook Pro replacement will definitely help improve sales as many more would be enticed to buy it.

Will Apple actually release a 14” MacBook Pro or will it simply upgrade the old 13” MacBook Pro with a new keyboard and speakers? It’s unclear as of yet but the leaked reports however do confirm that a smaller MacBook Pro is under work. It is expected to release in the first half of 2020.


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