Apple Magic Mouse users who’ve been wanting to upgrade for a long time are in luck. Right now, Amazon shoppers can buy the upgraded version of the popular Apple Mouse for less, and get more with new and better features. The Magic Mouse 2 has fewer moving parts, a lighter profile and several hardware upgrades that make for a more enjoyable experience.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The newest iteration device is rechargeable, thus eliminating the need and added cost of traditional batteries. Its continuous bottom shell and optimized foot design pave the way to smooth, friction-free tracking. The Magic Mouse 2 comes ready right out of the box and pairs automatically with Mac computers. Also, the Multi-Touch feature lets you scroll, click and pan with ease on a variety of applications, from browsing to paging to and from documents.

Boost productivity and style without burning a hole in your pocket when you buy this discounted device on Amazon today.

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