Apple working on MagSafe battery pack for iPhone


Apple is reportedly finally working on a new MagSafe enabled battery pack. The company’s flagship iPhone 12 series supports the use of stick-on accessories. While there have been many useful and interesting accessories, a battery pack would be the most useful.

iPhone 12 MagSafe

The iPhone 12 mini would be the device to most benefit from a magnetic battery pack. As the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 mini is low, some users complain about their phone dying before the end of day. The other iPhone 12 model users will also be able to benefit from the extra battery capacity they can carry around with the phone.

90% is the limit to avoid ageing quickly

MacRumours’ contributing writer Steve Moser found a snippet of code in the latest version of iOS 14.5 beta which states the use of an unannounced ‘Battery Pack’. The code also contains information about a feature named ‘Mobile Charge Mode’ which will stop the phone from charging above 90% when the MagSafe battery pack is connected.

iPhone 12 MagSafe accessory [Example Image]

The 90% battery threshold will help the iPhone’s battery remain healthy. It is a known fact that charging a phone’s battery all the way to 100% reduces the life of the battery. Many experts have suggested that users charge upto 80% to increase the longevity of their phones. In this case, Apple has picked 90% as the limit – an inbetween.

The information about the existence of the Battery Pack was first reported by WCCFTech. The report also adds that wireless charging is not the most efficient and questions Apple’s work on this. The traditional battery packs connect through the charging port and charge the phone’s battery directly. However, wireless charging is known for losing some energy in the form of heat and it is not the most efficient way of charging.

All the negative questions aside, a MagSafe Battery Pack definitely sounds interesting. 

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