Apple’s MagSafe charger is now discounted at Amazon – 25% off


Apple’s MagSafe is now discounted at Amazon – the lowest it has ever been since its release. The company unveiled the MagSafe at its ‘Special Event’ last year in October along with the iPhone 12. At its release, the price of the product was $39 (USD) and the product continues to sell for $39 in Apple Stores and at the company’s online store. The offer is currently only available on Amazon.

iPhone 12 MagSafe

MagSafe was unveiled last year, as a way to reduce the hassle wired chargers make. However, it’s important to note that wireless charging is still slow compared to charging an iPhone via the wire. The iPhone 12 is capable of charging through the Lightning port at 20W whereas the MagSafe can only charge at 15W. It is however faster than Qi supported wireless chargers, as Apple has limited them to 7.5W at the maximum.

Qi wireless charger vs wired charging vs MagSafe

Apple’s implementation of wireless charging is interesting, as it magnetically latches onto the back of the iPhone 12. However, it requires that users buy the proprietary charger from Apple which is not cheap. The MagSafe charger requires Apple’s USB-C 20W charger which does not ship with the MagSafe charger or even the iPhone. Apple sells the 20W USB-C charger for $19 (USD).

Apple’s MagSafe charger is now discounted at Amazon – 25% off
Qi charger

While MagSafe charger is expensive, it makes sense to invest in the charger if you are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem. However, if you have multiple devices such as other Android smartphones and accessories that charge via Qi supported chargers, MagSafe may not be the most viable option. Also, it’s important to remember that wired charging is still the fastest option to charge the iPhone.

However, if you like to experiment, MagSafe charger is worth checking out and if you are an Apple fanboy, you very likely might have already invested in a MagSafe charger.  


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