Apple’s Mail app on iPhone is not safe: Research


The default email app Mail on iPhones is not much loved but it’s a fairly decent app which gets the job done. According to ZecOps, a cybersecurity research firm, hackers have gained access to iPhones through the email app.

Apple’s Mail app on iPhone is not safe: Research

ZecOps also adds that Apple has not fixed the security loopholes in the Mail app. The research firm reportedly began looking into the app after discovering lines of code that appeared suspicious on a client’s iPhone. 

The cybersecurity research firm ZecOps is two years old and is based out of San Francisco. It reportedly requires that its customers connect their iPhones to a kiosk or a computer to upload logs to its server. The data obtained from their client’s phones is then analyzed for any potential security breach or any unusual activity.

The chief executive office and co-founder of ZecOps Zuk Avraham reports that the suspicious piece of code they found on one of their client’s phone was unusual as it was not found on other iPhones. After months of investigation, the firm reportedly found that the unusual code’s existence was part of a security flaw in Apple’s Mail app on the iPhone.

Since then, Avraham has reported that Apple is working on fixing the security loophole found in its Mail app. However, Apple spokesperson Todd Wilder said that the security loopholes “do not pose an immediate risk to our users”. Wilder also added that Apple will fix these issues with a software update in the immediate future.

Wilder did not provide a time schedule for the software update which will reportedly patch the security loopholes found in Apple’s Mail app on iPhone. However, he did add that the flaws in the Mail app will not be sufficient enough for a hacker to gain access to a user’s iPhone.

Look out for an update in the future which fixes the security loopholes in Apple’s Mail app. Till then, you could use other email apps like Spark and Outlook.

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