Apple makes huge leap amid slumping global smartphone market

Counterpoint Research claims that Apple is growing its share in the declining global smartphone market.

2023 isn’t the year for booming smartphone shipments, as it’s recorded a decade low. The firm declares the rest of the year as gloomy, with a 6% decline to just 1.15 billion devices. With the world economy in shambles, iPhones are commanding a steady pace of growth compared to lower-priced models.

iPhone 15

In a statement, Research Director Jeff Fieldhack said that there’s a ‘decoupling’ between consumers buying phones and the economy, and this year holds a record low for all carriers. There’s still a spark of hope in the Q4, the firm says, because this is when the iPhone 15 is likely to launch.

Fieldhack claims that Apple is the closest to getting to the top spot, with a spread that has ‘a few days’ worth of sales.’ The iPhone 15 is expected to launch in September.