Apple Maps 3D details arrives in more regions


Apple Maps in New Zealand, Monaco and France have recently been updated to display greater road and terrain details in 16 unique locations.

Apple Maps 3D

Updates in Apple’s navigation app now have improved visuals, 3D models in several locations, redesigned name labels and better highlighted areas, among others. Metropolitan areas in these regions have received the most significant changes, with France and Paris having been reorganized, and the famous Eiffel Tower now having its own 3D model.

According to mapping enthusiast Justin O’beirne, the information took nearly 40 days to test and covers a 70.4 million population. O’beirne also mentioned that Apple has now collected around 19 percent land area in total and nearly 10 percent of the world population.

Apple has continuously improved Apple Maps with new mapping information that began in 2018. In April this year, Singapore and Germany had a similar update with better landmark modeling, labels and highlights.

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