Apple Maps cycling directions now available in the US

Cycling directions on all 50 US states have been added to Apple Maps.

Apple Maps cycling covers all 49 states, including Hawaii in an update. The navigational app has bike-friendly roads, bike paths and lanes where applicable, and even has detailed and helpful information such as the presence of stairs, how busy the street is and elevation, among others.

Apple Maps

Users that have an Apple Watch can also access extra features such as haptic feedback and voice guidance so they can concentrate on the road and path ahead.

Cycling paths and navigation on Apple Maps are also available in other regions, including London, Vancouver, Barcelona, Montreal, China and Toronto.

With the latest update Apple Maps is now on par with Google Maps in terms of cycling directions. Google Maps has had the feature since 2010 and is available in more than 30 countries. However, granular directions are only being added recently.