Apple Maps introduces customizable business information

Apple Maps has been updated business-side via Apple Business Connect.

Apple Business Connect allows businesses to decide what information about them can be viewed across Apple services, including Siri and Apple Maps. Companies can now decide the label they want, as well as correct errors and add relevant information for their customers.

Apple Maps

Enterprises can create or edit details using Apple Business Connect, which will then be shown in Apple Wallet, Messages, Siri, and Apple Maps. Apple’s Senior VP of Services said that Apple Maps provides Apple users with accurate information about where they can travel, eat, shop, and more, and that Business Connect allows business owners a way to connect with them directly.

In addition, Apple Business Connect has a Showcases feature that can present customers with incentives and offers, such as product discounts, seasonal items, incentives, and more. Showcases is only available in the US with a global release shortly.