Apple is said to be in talks with LG regarding putting up Apple products on LG Store shelves in Korea.


Business Korea mentioned that Apple intends to sell Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones and more on South Korea LG Best Shops. LG has recently exited the smartphone industry, leaving shelves and retail space empty.

LG has 400-plus LG Best Shops in the country, and all of them may be carrying Apple products soon.

Currently, Apple’s presence in South Korea is small but the deal can make for a faster expansion if it goes through. The report also says that the two companies are currently discussing Mac computer sales, as LG has its own ‘Gram’ laptops to compete with Apple’s Mac. The most likely result is that only Apple Watches, iPads and iPhones will be displayed in stores.

An LG spokesperson recently stated that there hasn’t been any agreement yet and that the two companies are ‘exploring all possibilities’.


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