Apple may have plans on bidding in English Premier League streaming contract

The Daily Mail recently reported that Apple intends to bid for streaming rights to the English Premier League.

The British tabloid said that Apple wants to increase sports content for its Apple TV+ platform. Just recently, Apple is gearing up for the upcoming season of MLS and announced a list of announcers in the games. Furthermore, Apple lost in negotiations to acquire the NFL Sunday Ticket, which was picked up by Google.

Premier League

If the bid is true, then Apple is the fourth player to try and buy broadcasting rights for the UK football league. Last time, Sky Sports, Amazon Prime Video, and BT Sport competed for the exclusive contract, with Sky Sports often winning the negotiation. However, packaging clause shows that no single entity could gain all broadcasting rights, which means the games won’t belong to a single streaming platform.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service and costs $6.99 a month.