Apple May Not Be Truthful About The iPhone’s Actual Battery Life, According To Findings

Is Apple being truthful about its battery specs? Apparently not, as a new report from UK-based advocacy group Which confirms that the tech giant may have been overstating battery capability on some of their newer iPhone models.

The iPhone XR, despite having good reviews about its battery rating, is apparently the biggest offender in the Which? report. The same goes for HTC but not for phone manufacturers Nokia, Sony, and Samsung.

iPhone Battery

The group has tested 9 different smartphone models and discovered that battery rating fell by as much as 51% on what was stated on paper. In terms of talk time, the iPhone XR only lasted 16 hours and 32 minutes, which is different from the firm’s claims that talk time could last for a maximum of 25 hours. In response, Apple stated that their products undergo rigorous testing, and appear to be confident with their claims as they exhibit transparency with their methodology.

The independent UK advocacy group plans to test how long smartphone battery last when browsing the internet on a full charge, among others. From there, Which? will then publish claims on battery life from mobile manufacturers.