According to many rumors, Apple might start working on iPhone’s with 5G technology in 2020. Sadly, Apple seems silent over entering into 5G compatible iPhones. Therefore, Apple might not keep up the pace with others in 5G phones this year.

iPhone 5g

In 2019, we will be hearing about many Android phones with the 5G enabled in them, but for iPhones, it seems that we won’t see it till 2020 or maybe even later. Some rumors even said that it could possibly be delayed till 2021.

However, Apple has always been the company of strategy, this could be some sort of planning too, maybe Apple will join the 5G industry later with more advanced features.

So, maybe it could be bad news for some iPhone lovers, but good news for some people too. We hope that Apple will not fail to amuse you guys with its sense of planning and strategy for reliable and responsive iPhones.

Let’s wait for 2020 with patience while others enjoy the features of 5G speed. After all, Apple has always played smartly by release features on a device after other brands have tested them. No wonder Apple is the number one brand in the US.


Naveed Ahmed was a news editor at iLounge. He would cover the latest news about the new iPhone models and provide readers with in-depth reviews of the devices.