Apple Music is one of the very few services by the company that is available on multiple platforms. The Android version of the streaming service app has been long neglected from major visual changes. Today, the company updated the Apple Music app for Android with dark mode, support for chromecast, and more.

Apple Music on Android gets Dark Mode, Chromecast, Live Lyrics, and more

The newly updated Apple Music app for Android brings one of the most important features missing on Android – live lyrics. On iOS, Apple Music has had “live lyrics” for a long time now; it was a longtime coming feature on Android and today’s update will make Android users happy. 

Dark Mode and Chromecast

Apple Music and Spotify

The dark mode in the app will automatically trigger when Android 10’s system wide dark mode is toggled. The dark theme has turned out to be one of the most requested features in the app industry. Major software makers have turned to create dark versions of their apps following Google and Apple’s take on it.

One of the most notable addition is the support for chromecast. Apple Music on iOS has long supported AirPlay, the company’s casting system to connect to speakers wirelessly. However, Android users tend to use Google products, non-Apple products and when it comes to speakers, Google Home is one of the most popular products. With the support for chromecast, Apple Music users on Android can now easily connect to Google Home.

Recently, Apple Music also added support for Android Auto – widening the use case of Apple Music in non-Apple ecosystems. These efforts show Apple’s attempt at competing with Spotify, which boasts more than 200 million users worldwide whereas Apple Music has around 60 million users. It is important to note that, Spotify also offers a free plan which relies on ads to make money along with its paid subscription plans. Apple Music on the other hand only offers paid subscription plans.


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