Apple Music app on Windows: When will Apple kill iTunes?

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
iTunes is dead
iTunes is dead

The upcoming macOS Catalina will feature a dedicated Apple Music app. For years since the introduction of Apple Music in 2015, the company continued to bundle the music streaming service along with the bloated iTunes app. For a long time, netizens took to the internet to complain about iTunes driving them crazy. Apple finally heard our prayers!

Also this year, Apple started Apple Music on the web as well. It can be found at – it allows users to stream music from Apple Music on their browsers. It’s all good but the big question remains: will Apple also make the Apple Music for Windows?

iTunes is dead

At present, iTunes is the only way to listen to songs using Apple Music on Windows. The browser version of Apple Music is available but it’s in beta and not recommended but worth checking out. After killing iTunes on the Mac, it would be a logical move for Apple to do the same on Windows. However, the company’s priority is the Mac as its a platform the company creates and the formula is: treat our people first and then consider others.

Apple Music is a cross-platform service which started by basing itself on Beats’ streaming service. It’s also available on Android and if we look at updates to Android’s Apple Music app, we can expect Apple to launch a dedicated Apple Music app in the upcoming months.

With iOS 13, Apple packed an updated Apple Music app with the addition of live lyrics and dark mode. Apple unveiled the features at WWDC and released it along with iOS 13 beta in June (with a final release in September). On the Android side, just a few days ago, the company updated the Apple Music to incorporate the same features: live lyrics and dark mode. 

If Apple is to take the same route with Windows, we can expect Apple Music app for Windows to release in a few months.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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