Apple Music Gets New Replay Playlist Feature

Apple Music gets a new feature in the most recent update- Replay, which gives subscribers an idea of what they listened most to in 2019.

Replay is available on iOS’ Music app, the Mac Music and the web version. Users will be able to see their top aggregated songs for the year and recommends a few playlists beyond as well.

Apple Music Gets New Replay Playlist Feature

Playlists will be available for every year the subscription began, up until 2015. You’ll be able to see more playlists the longer you’ve had Apple Music, which can be added to the Library and streamed and shared, like the other playlists you’ve made. Also, Replay will reflect the user’s listening preference and activities.

It’s the first time Apple has offered a year-end aggregated playlist with songs, and it’s quite similar to Spotify’s Wrapped section. Subscribers should be able to add the recommended playlists to their Mac or iOS devices from the web version.

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