Apple Music Reaches A Milestone 60 Million Subscribers

Eddy Cue, iTunes Chief has declared that Apple Music is now enjoying a milestone 60 million subscribers. In an interview with Numerama, the Chief of iTunes says he’s happy with the subscriber numbers. Cue also mentioned that the radio station of Apple, Beats 1 enjoys millions of listeners.

When asked about the recent removal of iTunes for standalone apps Podcast, Music and TV, the Chief responded that while he loved iTunes, Apple Music is better and comparing them is deemed as non-productive.

In November, a report mentioned that Apple Music’s subscriber count was approximately 56 million. While the 60 million subscriber count is Apple Music’s biggest yet, it still falls short of the competition, namely Spotify at 100 million paid global subscribers since April 2019.

Despite that, Apple Music has passed Spotify in terms of premium subscriber count in the U.S. Spotify has 26 million US subscribers while Apple Music has 28 million.

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