The curious case of Apple Music on Windows

Apple Music launched in 2015 on iOS and Android as part of a new app, however on the desktop platforms Mac and Windows, the service was accessible only through iTunes. The case has changed this year for good on Mac as the company has begun breaking iTunes into multiple apps.

However, it’s not the same case on Windows as the company still asks users to install iTunes if they would like to stream songs from Apple Music. The other option being the web version of Apple Music accessible through major web browsers, however it’s still in beta and not recommended for daily-use.

Apple's New Browser Apple Music Launched

Apple Music on iOS and Mac of course provides the best possible experience while the Android app continues to get better. Spotify provides the best experience on all the platforms the service is available on. There is a growing need for a dedicated Apple Music app on Windows as a lot of people still use iPhone-Windows combination and are not invested in the “all Apple” ecosystem.

As the company focuses on services

The iPhone has a huge market share in the smartphone world, however the Mac does not get the same love. While a lot of people that buy an iPhone, tend to invest in a Mac as well, not all do, so to make the “Apple devices and services” experience better, it is essential for Apple to release a dedicated Apple Music app on Windows.

Apple understands that device sales will not be similar as to when they were for the first ten years as people continue to use their phones for years without upgrading. The company has been investing in the services market to maintain its revenue with the growing demand for services where people pay the fees on a monthly basis.

Apple TV Plus is another Apple service which is not available on the Windows platform. However, Windows users can still stream using the web version at the moment.