Apple ‘My Photo Stream’ service to be discontinued on July 26

Apple will be shutting down its ‘My Photo Stream’ service on July 26 this year.

The old service will be replaced by iCloud Photos for users. Apple says that the ability to upload on the service will stop a month in advance on June 26. My Photo Stream was released with iCloud in 2011 and has not been updated since. One downside to using My Photo Stream is the downsize in photo resolution which was considered the reason why Apple moved to iCloud Photos four years after.

My Photo Stream

Unlike My Photo Stream, iCloud Photos saves at the original resolution for photos and videos, and is far simpler to use. My Photo Stream users will need to enable the feature that automatically uploads videos and photos from the last 30 days to iCloud. Apple reminded users that they should have their devices with original photos so they won’t lose them when the service is discontinued.