Apple Named Emmy Nominee For Two Ad Campaigns [Video]

Two of TBWA ad agency’s Apple ads have been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial for 2019.

The two nominees are Don’t Mess with Mother, a Shot on iPhone XS feature and Make Something Wonderful, a Behind The Mac feature. In total, only five are nominated, which includes Netflix and Nike.

Make Something Wonderful is a Behind The Mac ad that shows people from all walks of life, including famous creators using the Mac. The whole one-minute commercial is in black & white and has Hauschka’s ‘Shy’ as the background song.

Don’t Mess with Mother is a Shot on iPhone XS feature that shows off nature’s many insects, wildlife and phenomena. All footage was created using the iPhone XS’s camera. The minute-long commercial has Megadeth’s ‘Last Rites’ as the background song.

The 71st Emmy Awards will be showing in September 14, 2019. Nomination news are currently on the official Emmys website.

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