Apple working on a new Windows app, suggests report

Apple killed its ageing media app iTunes last year with the release of macOS Catalina. It was a long time coming, iTunes had turned into an app that incorporated more features than it can handle. It ended up making the user experience cluttered.

An Italian blog – Aggiornamenti Lumia – has reported that Apple is working on a new app for the Windows platform. It also adds that it’s “coming soon” but does not reveal any further details as to the functionality of the app.

Apple working on a new Windows app, suggests report

If we are to speculate, it could be the long pending release of the Apple Music or Apple TV+ app. Apple’s Podcasts service/app is also missing from Windows operating system. However, Podcasts are not as important as Apple Music or Apple TV+.

Over the years, Apple has released major services of its own such as Apple Music and Apple TV+. To offer a proper experience, the company has realized that it’s not right to pack all of its services in one app. The new Apple Music and Apple TV+ apps on macOS Catalina offer a much nicer user experience compared to iTunes.

However, Apple has not released any dedicated apps for its streaming services on Windows. iTunes is the only only way to access Apple Music on Windows natively. However, the company has also started beta testing an online streaming mode which can be accessed from any supported browser.

The case of Apple TV+ is even worse. It’s available on only very few non-Apple platforms – Roku and a couple of Samsung TVs. At least, Apple Music supports the use of Google Chromecast.

The company could be looking for ways to expand but we just cannot confirm anything at the moment. Nonetheless, it would be nice to have Apple Music and Apple TV+ on Windows as well.