Apple News’ curated local news expands to more cities

Apple will start offering curated local news in more cities across the United States. The company announced that its service ‘Apple News’ will now include Charlotte, Miami, and Washington, D.C in the local news coverage. All of the content will be curated by Apple News editors.

“At Apple News, we know that access to trusted local news is critical for communities, and an important resource for a national audience as well,” said editor-in-chief of Apple News Lauren Kern. “We are committed to working with local publishers across the country to support their journalism and offer our users local coverage in the cities and regions they care about.”

Highlights work of local publishers

The iPhone maker first introduced local news curation for certain places last year. Initially it covered the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Houston, and San Francisco. The list expanded earlier this year with the inclusion of San Antonio, San Diego, and Sacramento. Users do like having curated news for the areas they live in.

The editors at Apple News released a curated list of articles titled “Read Local” for select locations. The feature puts the best stories from local publications right up in the Today section of the news app. It will give quick access to local stories to users without changing sections.

The local news curated section will include topics important to the local communities – local policy decisions, real estate trends, food places, and more. It will cover vast topics which will be useful and enjoyable to read for people of local communities. The local news section in Apple News will include stories from top publications such as Axios Charlotte, Eater Miami, the Charlotte Observer, DCist, Washingtonian, the Miami Herald, the Washington Post, and more.

Apple plans to expand the feature of locally curated news to many more places. It will highlight the work of local publishers.

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