Apple Newton MessagePad 120 seen in ‘For All Mankind’ episode


Vintage Apple tech was recently spotted in an episode of Apple TV+ ‘For All Mankind’.

Apple Newton MessagePad

The prop, which was made from a Newton MessagePad 120 appeared in season three of the sci-fi series ‘For All Mankind’. Tall Ship Productions producer Ben McGinnis posted photos of the device in action, saying that the modified Newton could fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max inside.

In the science fiction series, the Newton MessagePad served as a video call device, with people handling digital messages in it.

Vintage product Apple Newton first surfaced in 1993 as a PDA, or personal digital assistant with a stylus and handwriting recognition. The device had its own operating system, the Newton OS and had an ARM 610 RISC chip inside.

‘For All Mankind’ tells an alternate history of the great space race between Russia and the US, and is available to watch on the Apple TV+ platform for $4.99 a month.

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