Apple apparently submitted a legal complaint over the choice of words used by an indie director for his film title.


‘Apple-Man’ is the title of an upcoming movie that’s currently in development. The director, Vasyl Moskalenko has received a trademark opposition for the ‘Apple-Man’ name, along with a 400-plus page filled with ‘lawyer terminology’ and ‘trial proceedings’.

In his YouTube video, Moskalenko says that the movie does not have anything to do with Apple as a company, nor were there any mention of iPads, iPhones, MacBooks and Apple products. ‘Apple-Man’, Moskalenko states that the film is about a part-apple, part-human superhero who can move apples.

Moskalenko further said that he’s willing to negotiate with Apple to resolve the matter. However, if the trial continues he may have to spend all the money he gained from Kickstarter for litigation.

In an iPhone in Canada interview, the indie director said that Apple’s move can be considered as ‘trademark bullying’.


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