Apple October Event: Mac, iPad, and AirPods


The MacBook Pro refresh is one of the most long pending tasks on Apple’s hand. Since the 2016 MacBook Pro, the company has faced severe backlash from its customers for the design. For years now, Apple has focused on making its laptops thin and light while compromising on performance.

Apple October Event: Mac, iPad, and AirPods

It would make sense for Apple to reach amazing levels of thinness with its MacBook Air – a laptop line which is supposed to be extremely portable. However, the MacBook Pro line is supposed to be powerful and Apple appears to have lost sight of the fact.

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At present, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air sport a very similar design – except the Air having a wedge shape, however the MacBook Pro is thinner than the MacBook Air. Tech critiques have long requested Apple to let its products decently thick (not very thin) to pack large batteries and also for proper cooling.

The current generation MacBooks suffer from keyboard and thermal issues. Apple’s butterfly keyboard mechanism was supposed to reduce the thickness of the laptops, which it successfully did but in the process destroyed the efficiency of the keys. Similarly, by making the laptops thin, in the recent times, the top-end MacBook Pros have suffered thermal throttling related issues.

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Somehow the batteries on the MacBooks have not suffered from any issues but there’s definitely room for improvement. By using Intel’s new 10th generation chips or Apple going full-on with its ARM based chips, the MacBooks could reach god levels of battery backup.

The most interesting upgrade to the MacBook line-up will be the addition of a 16 inch Pro model, if the reports by Ming-Chi Kuo turn out to be true. However, by no means will it be an affordable lproduct; its expected to start at more than $3,000 for the base model. One could only wonder how much the “maxed out” version will cost.

Apple is highly expected to hold an event in the last week of October. New Macs and updated iPads along with new AirPods are expected to be released.


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