Apple on path to hit $1T revenue mark by 2030


A NYU professor speculated that Apple is on track to hit $1 trillion in annual revenue by the year 2030.


With the way it is now, and continued expansion into various businesses and fields in health, search and banking, as well as the upcoming Apple Car project, the Cupertino-based company is set to hit the impressive milestone in about 8 years’ time.

Apple was the first company to reach $3T in market capitalization. However, it lags behind other giants when it comes to acquiring revenue. Scott Galloway, the marketing professor at NYU says that currently, the company has a revenue of $366 billion, which is only a third of what’s expected and behind Walmart at $559 billion and Amazon at $470 billion.

The professor added that Apple will have to expand and grow using capital through consumer banking, search, healthcare, health, home automation, educational services, infrastructure and B2B operations, and the Apple Car.

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