Apple once wanted to launch a cloud-based gaming service


Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently revealed how Apple wanted to have a cloud-based gaming service alongside Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade Cloud Based Gaming Service

Cloud gaming gives users access to console- or computer-like games by rendering the processing power required in the cloud. Apple was thinking about putting out a service that could rival Google Stadia and the Nvidia GeForce Now, among others.

Apple Arcade operates differently in that it’s a curated collection of games that have no in-app purchases. Its App Store policy prevents cloud-based platforms from being available, and the companies use Safari to offer them via browser and bypass App Store restrictions.

Gurman believes that Apple is still considering building its own cloud-based streaming and introducing it to the public down the line. For now, Apple enthusiasts will have to make do with Apple Arcade and its ‘all you can eat’ service.

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 a month and can be accessed on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and MacBook, among others.

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