Apple opens 2024 iPhone security research program

Apple has sent out notices to developers for this year’s security research program for iPhone.

The program initially launched in 2019 and has received a warm reception, with 130 high-profile security-critical issues found and fixed. Now, developers can do the same thing and work with Apple to discover vulnerabilities. As an added bonus, researchers can get paid for finding bugs in its ecosystem.

iPhone Security

On Apple’s program website, it says that registration is open until October 31. The process involves a tier list of bounties that can go for $500,000 or more depending on the severity and importance of the vulnerability. Applicants will receive modified iPhones, called security research devices in the process. Apple said that these devices are ‘used in a controlled environment’ for research and security purposes only, and loaned for 12 months.

University-level educators and researchers can take part in the program and sign up on Apple’s official page.