Apple opens new WeChat storefront in China

Apple recently opened a new storefront in the WeChat platform in China to boost sales.

WeChat announced the newly-launched online store, saying that Apple customers will have another avenue to purchase Mac, iPad, iPhone, and other devices and accessories. The Cupertino-based company effectively opens a new sales channel in the digital front, as WeChat is predominantly used in the country.


Reuters reports that Apple’s move is in regards to the trend that consumers in China are buying through social platforms rather than in store. TikTok, Douyin, and WeChat are a few examples of this trend. This isn’t Apple’s first rodeo though, as it has an established Alibaba Tmall presence where the company livestreams products as a marketing strategy.

WeChat in China is more than just a messaging platform. The app supports the presence of retail stores and can be used to make payments. Apple hopes to boost its sales in the region after a 2.9% year-on-year Q2 dip.