Apple opens retail positions for its London store


Apple’s official job page specified that the company is looking for Apple Store employees in a new London location.


Currently, the site lists a ‘Specialist’ role but there’s no detail on how many is needed. However, Apple says that they are recruiting part-time temporary staff, part-time staff and full-time staff.

London is home to five Apple Stores, with the most notable ones in Regent Street and Covent Garden. Eight are listed within the Greater London area. With the job posting it’s rumored that the Cupertino-based company will be opening a new store although there aren’t any announcements nor construction work. The ad comes with a description saying how the employees will need to deliver a customer experience like no other.

The Apple Store will be a new opening, with the last one being in 2014 at Apple Edinburgh. Constant work is being done on existing stores to spruce them up and for major renovations based on Apple design and specifications.

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