Apple Park visitor center sand sculpture to be completed 2022


Apple will hire a design studio and artist to create a public sand sculpture on its Apple Park Visitor Center. The sand will come from deserts from all over the globe.

Apple Park

The public structure, titled ‘Mirage’ will be made by Zeller & Moye and Katie Paterson and feature 400-plus glass cylinders that are crafted from melted sand hauled from different regions. The pattern is set to be in wave-like formation. It will be located right next to the olive grove beside the Apple Park Visitor Center.

Paterson stated that the sand will come from fossilized, volcanic, mountainous, interior, rain-shadow, coastal and subtropical deserts. Visitors can experience and interact with the art by walking through and alongside it and see the glass slowly fade in with the landscape, like a mirage. Arrangement is set from East desert to West deserts and begin at Apple Park.

‘Mirage’ is set to be completed in 2022, as per Paterson.


Samantha Wiley

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