Apple partner Foxconn sets up production factory in Vietnam

Tech manufacturer Foxconn is in the final stages of setting up a factory in Vietnam, which may be a vital component in the production of MacBook and iPads outside of China.

The Vietnam government announced that the facility can produce up to 8 million units each year, most of them tablets and notebooks. The factory will be located in Bac Giang province and may have ties to components for MacBooks and iPads.


Last November Apple requested for a change of location from China to Vietnam for diversification purposes. The US-China trade war added to the complexity and was a significant factor in the move.

Fukang Technology is the plant’s developer, and as for the exact date of completion it hasn’t been determined yet. Rumors suggest that the production factory can start as early as Q4 this year. Foxconn has also mentioned that they plan to set up another factory in Thanh Hoa.