Apple has been granted a patent for a new magnetic connector which could potentially replace the Lightning port. The popular blog Patently Apple was the first to report about the same, after the US Patent & Trademark Office granted the patent to Apple. The magnetic connector will reportedly be able to transmit power to the iPhone.

Apple granted patent for Lightning port replacement

The patent image shows a magnetic connector similar to the goold old MacBook’s MagSafe charger which would automatically latch onto the port when brought near to it. The inner lining of the connector also looks a little similar to the Smart Connector Apple uses on iPad models. The connector could be a fusion of the MagSafe and the Smart Connector – bringing the best of both worlds.

Improved water resistance and protection from debris

According to 9To5Mac, the patented magnetic connector will also improve the water resistance of the iPhone. The connector is built entirely using magnets, so it will reportedly help water and any sort of debris from entering the iPhone. The new magnetic port could act as a good shield to protect the iPhone from any external factors.

Apple granted patent for Lightning port replacement

Apple released the MagSafe connector for the iPhone just last year and it would un-Apple like for the company to release a new charging connector altogether. However, it would not be totally bad, as the MagSafe is for completely wireless type of charging whereas the new connector could be a replacement for the current traditional wired charging. Also, the new connector will not have any problems that wireless chargers have such as heating and slow charging.

The patent suggests that Apple is looking for alternatives to the Lightning port. Next year, the Lightning port will be – a decade – ten years old. It sounds totally plausible for the company to announce the new connector with the 2022 iPhone. Various noted Apple analysts have predicted that Apple does not plan to use USB-C on iPhones in the foreseeable future. 


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