AmEx launches Instant Card Number feature for Apple Pay

Credit card merchant American Express has launched its Instant Card Number feature for Apple Pay, which allows Apple Pay users to add their cards to the platform instantly when they’re approved.

The feature is convenient since approved Apple Pay users will no longer have to wait for their cards to arrive. Once green-lighted by Apple they can use it on supported devices as the physical copy is sent to their doorstep.

Apple Pay

It’s worth noting that the AmEx card may be used on the internet, in apps and where Apple Pay is accepted. Users can add the card to Apple Watch or iPhone via the Wallet app. Currently, the option is available only to US AmEx members when they’re approved for a new US consumer card at There’s no word on whether this feature will expand to other countries.

American Express echoes the sentiment of convenience, stating that customers will not have to wait and can immediately gain the benefits of an AmEx membership, such as earning rewards and more.