Apple has shut down Mir card payments on Apple Pay after discovering a loophole where Russians could continue to use their Apple Pay accounts.

Apple Pay

After the EU and US imposed bank sanctions in Russia, iPhone users found themselves unable to utilize their Apple Pay. On Thursday, the Cupertino-based company shut down the loophole that was causing them to continue using the payment platform.

At the start, only Visa and Mastercard processes were restricted on Apple Pay. Reuters says that Mir cards were still functional, which Apple promptly shut down. There’s no timeline on when Mir card systems will be restored and will likely continue as the Russia-Ukraine war rages on.

Alongside the payment service suspension Apple has shut down its online sales and App Store Search Ads in Russia. Third party resellers were also affected, including Apple’s biggest Russian reseller re:Store.

Apple Pay support for Mir cards was originally established in July 2021.


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