Apple Pay’s latest promo has users getting discounts when they order at Pizza Hut using the payment service.

Pizza Hut

A new email sent out on Thursday announced that Apple Pay users can get a $5 discount on their next order when they use Apple Pay with Hut Rewards when buying in the Pizza Hut app or online. This promotion only lasts a few days, starting on March 2 and ending on March 5 and requires the user to have a Hut Rewards account. The email continues by saying that the offer is limited to one per Hut rewards account. Also, the offer is available only in the US.

Those who want to avail of the Pizza Hut discount will need to purchase and create a Hut Rewards account within the four-day window. Pizza Hut’s Hut Rewards account is free and allows users to exchange their earned points to redeem a selection of Pizza Hut products.


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