Apple Pay Express Mode arrives in South Wales Australia

The New South Wales government recently announced integration for the Apple Pay Express Mode across its public transport network.

Express Transit for Apple Pay is now supported on the Opal ticketing system in Australia, which allows users to tap their Apple Watches or iPhones when paying for public transportation fares. Funds can be added to the Wallet app, then used via the Opal app. It’s worth noting that Touch ID or Face ID authentication is no longer needed for added convenience. Users can just hold their compatible devices near the contactless payment terminal until they’re allowed through.

Apple Pay Express Mode

Express Transit on iPhone can be set up by going to the iPhone’s Settings, then Wallet and Apple Pay. Choose ‘Express Transit Card’ and one of the cards in the list you wish to use for Express Transit. Authentication via Face ID or Touch ID is required. On the Apple Watch, go to Settings, Wallet, and Apple Pay and choose the card you want.