Apple Pay goes live in Chile

Apple’s payment platform has arrived in multiple countries, particularly Vietnam and Chile this month.

Pedro Martin, a journalist, detailed that Apple is planning to launch Apple Pay in the country starting August 8. He said that the report came from four financial companies who suggested that Apple Pay would go live on the same date. Diario Financiero said that interbank service company Transbank has posted on social media welcoming Apple Pay. However, there seems to be no proof of this as the original post had been removed.

Apple Pay

Along with the service going live in Chile, Apple Pay is expected to launch in multiple countries, including Vietnam. A leaker by the name of ‘ShrimpApplePro’ posted on Twitter that Vietnamese companies will support Apple Pay, including, McDonald’s, and Starbucks. The leaker also confirmed the launch date of August 8 as to when this will happen.

Apple has yet to update its list of countries with Apple Pay support with Chile or Vietnam.