Apple Pay now accepted in DC Metro via Express Transit

The Washington DC Metro now accepts Apple Pay and Express Transit via SmarTrip cards. Apple Pay users can now hold their Apple Watch or iPhone near SmarTrip terminals and use the company’s buses, trains and transit lines.

The added service is accepted anywhere SmarTrip cards are used, including the 91 Metro stations in Virginia, Maryland and D.C., Metro garages and parking lots, Metro regional bus providers and buses such as Loudoun County Transit, Circulator, TheBUs, RideOn, Fairfax Connector, Potomac and Rappahannock Transit, DASH and ART.

Apple Pay

Apple Watch and iPhone owners with SmarTrip can now conveniently go through terminals without the need to use Touch ID or Face ID. Existing card balance may be transferred when you add a card, enter the information and holding your iPhone near the card.

Electronic top-up can be done either with a credit or debit card registered on Apple Pay or via the SmarTrip app.