Apple Pay now live in Israel

Apple’s payment platform has recently launched in Israel after negotiations over the percentage of transaction cuts have been resolved.

Apple Pay is yet to be adopted by all of Israel’s banks but Pepper and other mobile banking services have been working on ways to prepare for its eventual launch.

Apple Pay

The Verifier, an Israeli publication notes that credit card and bank customers will now be able to add their direct debit or credit card in Apple Pay to pay for goods or services.

Israel has recently been upgrading its technology. Last year in November the country has started adopting NFC and EMV contactless standards to mobile devices, enabling tap-to-pay cards and similar transactions.

Apple Pay launches in Israel 8 years after it debuted in the United States. Apple regularly offers promotions to encourage the use of its payment platform, including discounts during events. Just recently a Mother’s Day promotion email has been sent to customers telling them they can save on flowers, clothing and more when they use Apple Pay on certain brands.