Apple Pay now supports Cryptocurrency transactions on Coinbase


iOS users can now use Apple Pay to purchase cryptocurrency on the Coinbase platform.


Coinbase’s Apple Pay support began in June this year for its Coinbase card, and now allows cryptocurrency purchases using debit cards connected to the app. Its Coinbase Card also supported Apple Pay recently.

A recent Coinbase blog post announced the new Apple Pay support, saying how users can use Mastercard or Visa debit cards linked on their Apple Wallet to buy cryptocurrency on Safari or iOS devices.

The company also stated that they are making it faster for users to gain access to their assets. Coinbase is the 1st crypto exchange to have RTP, or real time payments and instant cashouts for US clients with bank accounts.

Google will have similar support for cryptocurrency purchases, albeit at a later time. Coinbase announced that purchasing cryptocurrencies on their platform using Google Pay is expected to arrive come fall.

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