Apple Pay Takes Top Spot in US Mobile Payment Platform

Apple Pay takes the top spot from Starbucks and is now the most popular payment platform in the U.S. eMarketer says in its report that Apple Pay led the market with 27.7 million individuals, and has since grown by leaps and bounds.

Apple Pay has about 30.3 million users as compared to the 25.5 million users of the Starbucks app. This means Apple Pay make up 47.3% of all mobile payment users in America, while Starbucks falls behind at 39.4%.


Yory Wurmser, eMarketer principal analyst says that Apple Pay has gained unprecedented growth from new POS systems that work with NFC signals, which should provide the same benefit as with Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Apple Pay

Analysts predict that Apple Pay will become available in about 70% of all US retailers by the years’ end, while total contactless mobile spending will reach $100 billion. The average spend is set at $1,545, or roughly a 24% increase from last year’s spend.

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