Apple Pay users can get free coffee for four months on latest Panera Bread Promo

A new Apple Pay promotion has surfaced, one where users can get up to four months’ worth of free coffee from Panera Bread. Customers received an email outlining the new Apple Pay offer today.

Those who are interested can sign up for a MyPanera+ coffee subscription and opt to use Apple Pay at checkout. Once successful, the first four months will be free. The offer is only for new subscribers and those who have Apple Pay. After the promo ends the monthly fee is $8.99 a month.

Panera Bread Promo

The Apple Pay MyPanera+ Coffee promo is good until January 27, 2021. The unlimited free coffee mechanics are the following- Panera coffee subscribers can get a coffee every two hours, including iced coffee and hot tea but not cappuccinos, iced teas, iced cold brew coffee or espressos.

Aside from the promo Apple Card users can get 3 percent daily cashback when they purchase goods at Panera Bread.

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