Australia’s Westpac Bank also adds support for Apple Pay

ANZ, Commonwealth, and National Australia Bank already have support for Apple Pay. Now Westpac also adds Apple Pay support for its customers to become the fourth Australian bank to offer support for Apple Pay. 

Westpac Bank announced that they will add Apple Support through a tweet. The tweet says:

Australia’s Westpac Bank

“We now have Apple Pay. Make easy and secure payments with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac using your eligible Westpac debit or credit card. Add your card and start enjoying Apple Pay today.”

The bank also gave the URL for the Bank’s Apple Pay page. According to David Lindberg who is the chief executive of the consumer at Westpac Bank, the bank is pleased to announce that their customers will now use Apple Pay. It is also an important time to announce when the customers are looking for more ways of making payment, he added.  

Apple Pay support for Westpac is also compatible with EFTPOS. It is Australia’s local payment scheme. It is a national debit card system which is accepted all over the country. 

David Lindberg also said that there has been a significant change in the number of users who are now using digital banking. With the Apple Pay now introduced to the bank’s system, customers can now buy goods and services without the need for the wallet or cards.