Belarus Gets Apple Pay While Citymapper Pass Expands to London

Apple Pay has launched in Belarus today as part of Apple’s expansion of the mobile payment service in Eastern Europe.

Belarus citizens should be able to get to the Apple Pay by opening their Wallet app on their iPhones, then tapping the ‘plus’ sign at the top right part of the screen. Upon approval, you can now use your Apple Watch or iPhone to buy items at Apple Pay-compatible shops, apps and websites.

The city of London gets a transit card in the form of Citymapper Pass today via the Wallet app. The Citymapper pass gives users unlimited access to London rail, bus and subway routes for a weekly cost.

Citymapper plans to extend its service to other cities globally in the future.

Apple has made a promise that it will make the contactless payment system available in at least 40 regions and countries before the end of 2019, and with these latest additions the Cupertino-based company has delivered.

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