iOS 14 code reveals Apple is working on using QR Codes to make Apple Pay payments

Earlier today Apple released the 2nd beta of the iOS 14 for the developers. The new version has some small changes to the operating system.

According to 9to5mac, they have now found evidence from the iOS 14 code that there is a new feature in the Wallet app that will allow the users to make payments via Apple Pay using QR Codes.

Apple Pay

9to5mac found out that Apple is working on a new method for making Apple Pay payments and not using the traditional bar code. Now the iPhone users can use the camera to scan QR code and then make the payment. 

9to5mac says that:

“We’ve managed to access this feature hidden in iOS 14 beta 2”

The source added that currently this feature is not working but we know how it will work. The source also said that there will be some interaction with the third-party apps to make the payment, as suggested by the code that was found in a public API.

 Apple did not discuss this feature during the WWDC. It is why; it is not clear when Apple will make it available for the developers and the public.