Israel to get Apple Pay


Apple Pay is set to arrive in Israel by the end of 2020, as reported by Ynet.

Apple Pay credit card companies

IsraCard group, one of the leading credit card companies in Israel has partnered up with Apple to bring the company’s digital payment method in a 4 year contract.

Apple has been negotiating with banks in the Middle East for Apple Pay adoption. Commission is provided for access to the digital payment service, with Israel being the first to agree to the terms.

Israeli businesses already have Visa, MasterCard and Europay standard EMVs for mobiles, which allows consumers to complete contactless payments via NFC-enabled smartphones.

The difference between Android and Apple NFC is that Apple limits its use solely through the Wallet app. Financial institutions must have their cards registered in the app to start offering it to their customers.

A list of countries with Apple Pay can be viewed on the official Apple website.


Samantha Wiley

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