Kroger launches Apple Pay support at Ralphs Grocery

South California grocery chain Ralphs can now accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment in 184 locations.

Apple Pay users will now be able to shop and use their Apple Watch or iPhone at checkout. It’s worth noting that its parent company, Kroger, has been against Apple Pay right from the start. Instead, they offer Kroger Pay, which utilizes a QR code to pay via cards stored in the Kroger app.

Apple Pay

In a 2022 press release, Apple said that its payment service is now offered at more than 90% of US retail stores, with major brands Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Kroger, and Walmart holding out. The major retailer brands’ minds might change as Apple Pay is integrated into more shops and locations, but as of the moment, there hasn’t been any news surrounding the topic.

Kroger’s subsidiary QFC is the only other platform to adopt Apple Pay as an option.