London Gets Apple Pay Tap-and-Go Transit Mode

Apple has officially launched Express Transit Mode for all London transport services, including the trams, trains, buses and the tube. Apple Pay users in the UK may have received emails about the launch, and have provided a link where they can get more details.

In Express Transit mode, the user won’t need to authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID. Tap your Apple Watch or iPhone on the installed card reader and you can proceed. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least an Apple Watch Series 1 or an iPhone 6s to be able to use the feature.

London Gets Apple Pay Tap-and-Go Transit Mode

Express Transit works even when your iPhone XS or above smartphone model is in critical low battery with a red battery signal.

To get started, proceed to your iPhone’s Settings and tap on Wallet, then Apple Pay. Choose Express Transit Card and authenticate with your password, Touch ID or Face ID.

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