Metrolinx adapts Apple Pay in Toronto


Metrolinx, a transit system company in Toronto is undergoing testing of Apple Pay technology for fares.

Apple Pay

Dozens of transit systems around the world are adapting Apple Pay for ticket purchases, allowing commuters a more convenient way to ride subways, rail lines and buses without having to buy a traditional ticket.

In downtown Toronto and the Pearson International Airport, users can now pay via Apple Pay. A compatible reader may be used with an Apple Watch or iPhone when exiting and boarding trains.

The same amount will be charged regardless of how the ticket was bought. With Apple Pay there’s no need to buy a prepaid card or load it up beforehand. Users can show the device they used to inspectors during the ride.

Metrolinx plans to introduce the payment option on other transit systems such as subway and bus fares that are owned by the Toronto Transit Commission. The company also mentioned that existing terminals will need to be upgraded to accept Apple Pay.


Samantha Wiley

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